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Channel 4 who put out the recent coverup flick “Accused” funded the Satanic rituals First Transmission which is the Satanic snuff cult who was hanging out at Christ Church in Hampstead with the Cannibal Cult.

This site documents the Hampstead Cannibal Kids in London now tied to mass pedophile rapist Jeffrey Epstein thru actress Sophie Dix who’s in the Hampstead cult who was sexually involved with Epstein’s cohort Harvey Weinstein. * / **

Here you’ll see many videos of two children describing in explicit detail how they were forced to kill and eat babies as they were repeatedly raped in Christ Church Primary School by their father and members of Christ Church, Hampstead, Church of England. Scotland Yard’s Jon Wedger broadcasted March 11, 2024 that the children told the truth. All reports and videos are authentic. Viewer discrection advised.

View and download these 30 videos found on the top navigation bar, the medical reports & restricted police report proving The Royal Court deliberately covered up mass Satanic Ritual Abuse in London. Headquartered in sovereign City of London Corporation, this cult is tied to nine Rothschilds, Marina Abramovic, Jeffrey Epstein and Julian Assange. For more on ALL THAT, see:


Medical Reports – September 15, 2014
Medical Reports – September 22, 2014
Restricted Police Report – September 23, 2014

Pedophile Cult Tied to Hampstead Cannibals Raised Julian Assange
(30 Minutes)

Rothschild Intelligence Runs UK Royal Pedophile Cult
(40 Minutes)